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Partnering with an Award Winning Brewery

We love beer. So when we were approached by one of Lincolnshire’s Award Winning Breweries we were incredibly excited. 


Lincolnshire Brewing Company approached us last year having seen some of our other work on the shelves at local stores. They gave us the brief of re-positioning their core range of beers. Their brand is well established and well known across the county so our solution needed to demonstrate an evolution of the brand rather than a complete revolution.

We began the process by focussing on some key areas of the existing packaging that really worked well, large illustrations, bold use of type and approachable colourways really stuck out as key elements to retain from the existing range. We then began simplifying the concept, making sure we were crafting something that would have a genuine positive impact on sales, rather than just something that was pretty to look at.


Our solution for Lincolnshire Brewing Company has been incredibly well received. Both the staff at the brewery and customers at their shop on Lincoln’s Steep Hill have all reacted incredibly positively to the change. The brand has evolved and moved with the times, without the need for a complete overhaul of their collateral. Cheers!

Billy Paine

Billy Paine

Creative Director